Help - Various Features

Hello. I am not sure if these features are available or not. If so, can you direct me how to use them? If not, can you add them?

  • The search box doesn't seem to work. No matter what I type in the search box, it shows no results.
  • Can forum members search for other members/usernames?
  • Can members change their email address? There is no option for that. Also, the admins can't seem to change email addresses of users either. When the admin changes it, nothing happens.
  • Can all member posts be automatically approved and posted? It seems the admin has to approve each post.
  • Can admins and moderators receive an email notification when a new member signs up and when a new post needs to be moderated?
  • Can admins or moderators set up forum topics and prevent members from creating new topics but only allowing members to posts in the topics that the admin or moderator created?
  • The Contact Us link at the bottom of the page does not work. When someone sends a message there, where does it go? It does not go to the admin's private messages or email inbox. Can we modify the Contact Us link so the messages go to a certain email address?
  • Can admins modify the default footer with the Contact Us link and "© 2021 Copyright:" info?

Thanks in advance.

May 8, 2021 3:49 AM