Please Update Fitur for fill youtube
How do I include the YouTube link in the forum? on Xenforo, there is a feature to enter a youtube link
Last Reply 14 days ago from Eddie Vedder
add report system
i suggest adding a reports system on the forum and warning system because that will be helpful
Last Reply 14 days ago from Eddie Vedder
Don’t just close forums
Hello, it would be MUCH appreciated if you wouldn’t just close forums without disclosing ANY information to the owners o...
Last Reply 8 months ago from admin


add some transparency.
your site explains the service pretty nicely but it lacks to explain the basic things like it only saysand much more...b...
Last Reply a year ago from oggy
How to Rank Someone a Moderator
Can anyone help me how to rank my Member to be Moderator bc my members doesn't know-how
Last Reply a year ago from Techlightblow
Consider Changing Ad Resolution Code For Display Balance
Hi, my name is rino sarema from indonesia, i found your great forum from thousands of forums on google, maybe i can give...
Last Reply a year ago from Rino Sarema
Help - Various Features
Hello. I am not sure if these features are available or not. If so, can you direct me how to use them? If not, can yo...
Last Reply 2 years ago from curiousgeorge
Ideas or a suggestions