How to add google analytics to my forum website?

I have a forum, and I want to add Google Analytics to this forum. Do you have any guidelines on how to do this? Here is my forum:

February 25, 2024 7:41 PM


@ebudoragina You can add any code in the footer and just copy-paste Google Analytics code and add it to the footer code. Here are the details.:

February 25, 2024 7:44 PM



Here are some steps to add Google Analytics to your forum website.

  • Create a google analytics account first, and after that, add a property to your website.
  • Next, select tracking Info and finally tracking code from the admin panel. Copy the javascript code that is provided.
  • Copy and paste this code into the HTML template for your forum header.
  • Make sure that information is being collected through your website by using the real time report in google analytics.

July 15, 2024 5:39 AM